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Error: "This fat framework already has a binary for architecture x64 (common for target ios_x64)” (or similar for arm)

This is basically saying you have more than one framework defined for the same architecture. This most commonly happens because the project has both explicit frameworks defined in the kotlin/targets area, and the CocoaPods plugin applied.

If you see kotlin("native.cocoapods") or id("org.jetbrains.kotlin.native.cocoapods") in the plugins:

plugins {
kotlin("native.cocoapods") // <--- This
id("co.touchlab.faktory.kmmbridge") version "0.3.4"

and you see framework declarations for your targets:

kotlin {
iosX64 {

You have duplicate frameworks being declared. The CocoaPods plugin is adding frameworks automatically for all darwin/Apple targets, so explicitly declaring them is redundant.

Error: "Received status code 422 from server: Unprocessable Entity" when using GitHub Packages

If you have multiple repos publishing to the same group and artifact, you'll get this error. Changing the artifact name fixes it. See below.

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